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How to fill your Capsule Memorial Pendant

We are happy, and honoured, to often perform the task of filling our capsule lockets with your loved one's ashes however appreciate you may also want to do this for yourself. We have compiled a small PDF guide to help with this. Click here to view it

Step 1
Prepare a suitable area for filling the pendant. We recommend placing some paper onto a table top to catch any spilt ash or sacred soil. Remove the top loop and set aside somewhere safe.

Step 2
Use a small funnel or make a paper funnel to help to pour the ashes into the capsule pendant. See the bottom of this page for some suitable funnel templates which can cut out, rolled and joined with some tape

Step 3
One you have filled the ashes using the funnel, check there is no ash/soil obstructing the thread and gently screw the threaded top back on to the pendant body all the way down untill it is seated correctly

Step 4
Once you are happy the loop is aligned square with the pendant, unscrew it again and apply a very small dot of glue to the thread (not too much). Screw the top all the way down until it is fully seated and the loop is aligned square - as per the pictures to the right. Note: Alignment is very important for the pendant to lay flat on the chain

Step 5
Leave the pendant to set for the recommnded time (dependent on the glue used). When the glue sets it will seal the thread against moisture and ensure the loop does not come undone.