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About us

Forget Me Not Jewellery is a range of memorial jewellery designed and manufactured by  Touchstone Jewellery Ltd in the Jewellery Quarter, Birmingham England. All pieces are hand-made by skilled craftsmen and carry the Birmingham Assay fineness hallmark.



Forget Me Not Jewellery was conceived in 2010, when a customer visited Touchstone’s shop and ordered 17 small 9ct yellow clothes pegs to be made bespoke as pendants. These pendants were engraved with family members names. Although not designed to hold ashes, they were a symbol for their "Auntie Peggy" who had sadly passed away.

This prompted the concept of Forget Me Not Jewellery, which would become a range of lockets and other vessels which the customer could wear or keep in a bag, or pocket, as a keepsake. All of the vessels allow a small amount of their loved ones ashes, burial soil or a lock of hair to be included and sealed within. We have a range of pendants, crosses and bracelets designed for this purpose and are continualy expanding the range in silver, gold and platinum.

We are happy to make something bespoke and have all of the expertise, experience and craftsmanship to do so. Whilst this is easier if you live locally to, and can visit, the Touchstone shop, we are happy to discuss options via phone and email.

Many of the jewellery pieces can be personalised, with engraving, such as a name, date or something personal to the family at a small additional cost.